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Junk Kouture!

Today, after months of preparation, we had our Junk Kouture fashion show. Junk Kouture is a project that we did in home ec. We got into groups of three and had to design and make an outfit out of 'junk'. One person from each group then had to model the outfit. Karen and Nicole were in my group. We made an outfit that consisted of a skirt and a top which were covered in leaves. Our outfit was modeled by Karen. I read out the description of our deign while Karen walked down the catwalk. I think everyone really enjoyed the fashion show. :-) 

This is the PowerPoint that Ailbhe, Jessie and I made for our religion project on the Millenium Development Goals. We did our project on the fifth goal, Improve Maternal Health. When we were finished, we had to present the PowerPoint to our class. The aim of our project was to become more informed on the Millenium Development Goals and to find out how we can contribute to achieving the goals. :-)

Millennium development goals project religion from katiedonaghy

This is a PowerPoint that I did for my English project on film studies. I had to pick a scene from my favourite movie and write about the different film techniques used throughout the scene. When I was finished, I had to present my project to my class. :-)

English powerpoint film studies from katiedonaghy

On Thursday, we went to The National Library in Dublin to visit the W.B. Yeats exhibition. As part of our Christmas test, we had to make a PowerPoint presentation on the life and work of Yeats. This is my PowerPoint. :-)

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